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Esan-Naigbe Cultural Association

Esan-Naigbe Cultural Association, London, UK, was founded in the year 2014. This association is essentially made up of men and women of Esan extraction(Amahor, Ebelle, Egoro, Ekpon, Ekpoma, Emu, Ewatto, Ewohimi, Ewossa, Ewu, Igueben, Idoa, Illushi, Ifeku,Irrua, Iyenlen, Ogwa, Ohordua, Okhuesan, Ojiogba, Onogholo, Opoji, Oria, Orowa, Ubiaja,Ugboha, Uroh, Uromi,Uzea, Udo, Urohi, Ugun, Ugbegun, and Ukhun) who share the ideals of the Esan-Naigbe Cultural Association.

What we're all about

Under the auspices of the rich Esan heritage, members will socialise in an atmosphere of mutual respect and pursue matters of reciprocal benefits with a sense of community. Association members will foster the ideals of service as a basis of worthy value, goodwill and understanding amongst members and, to others. Organisation purposes is driven by four key issues: the need to sustain and foster the rich cultural heritage of the Esan people; consolidate social interaction of members; promoting the selfless service of members to members and the showcasing by way of talks, seminars the arts/dance of Esan to Esans in Diaspora and our host community.

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